The design and construction process is where the various parties involved have to work together, such as the commissioning authority, the architect, the consulting engineers, the contractor, sub-contractors, other contractors and suppliers. Over the years more or less standardized contracts and contract terms have evolved, such as the UAV 1989, the UAV-GC 2000/2005, the SR, RVOI and the DNR 2005, while terms like Turnkey, Design & Construct, DBFMO and construction team have also become household words.

Six Advocaten is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of construction law. We can assist you in drafting and assessing contracts, as well as in disputes regarding their interpretation or execution. Our construction law specialists are used to quickly getting to the bottom of the often complex relationships between the various parties to the construction process and their respective responsibilities and to advise on such matters.

Subjects: damage/defects, delays and disruption of the construction process, guarantees, changes to specifications, extras and deletions, design versus flaws in the execution, completion issues, CAR insurance.

Contacts: Benno den Teuling, Wouter Post, Leon Burgersdijk