Environmental law and other administrative law

Environmental law

Environmental law is concerned with our environment and includes areas of law such as planning and zoning law, the protection of the environment and pollution control law. All projects and property developments sooner or later are faced with environmental law. It is essential for parties to be aware of this and to make timely provisions for permits and other licences that may be required. Issues that may have to be dealt with in this respect are: zoning plans, development decisions and exemptions, air quality, the protection of ecological values, environmental reporting, construction permits, demolition permits and listed building consents, as well as all sorts of other permits required for the construction of projects and the management of buildings.

We can advise and render assistance to both public authorities and market parties when it comes to preparing their spatial development plans and observing all the required procedures.

Other administrative law

In addition to rendering advice and providing procedural assistance in the field of general administrative law, we also focus on areas such as local government law (and the law relating to local authorities), public order, grants, privacy laws and enforcement.

Contacts: Irma van den Berg