Project development

Project development includes the development and construction of real estate projects, such as housing locations, offices, business premises and shopping centres, both new and forming part of urban renewal schemes. Over the years property development has increasingly focused on matters relating to area and location development, large-scale and otherwise. In all cases legal aspects play a major part. The regime of rules and regulations governing property development is becoming increasingly complicated and developments occur in rapid succession.
We offer our clients a multidisciplinary approach in these matters, enabling us to, as it were, guide you through the entire legal ‘timetable’ of the project.

Property development as a rule revolves around the close cooperation between the respective market parties and the relations between the market parties and the public authorities (Public-Private Partnership). The success rate of a project is largely determined by the way in which and the degree to which the parties work together. We can assist you in conducting negotiations, analysing risks, choosing the most effective partnership construction and in drafting contracts.

In addition knowledge of planning and zoning law and environmental law is indispensable in matters involving property development. We render advice and, where necessary, conduct legal proceedings in the field of zoning plan procedures, permits, animal and plant life and the environment.

Contacts: Leon Burgersdijk, Wouter Post, Irma van den Berg