When government agencies (or similar institutions) wish to award a contract, this very soon means that multiple market parties must be given the opportunity to tender.

This subsequently results in the public authorities wanting to know what procedure should be observed, how to deal with the tendering parties and with the agreements that are entered into. Naturally the way in which those issues are dealt with is closely monitored by all the parties, since being awarded a contract often involves very substantial financial interests.

This means that a tendering procedure may be fraught with problems. Any advice on such matters must take account of, among other things, the European tendering rules as well as the decisions by which these guidelines have been implemented in Dutch legislation. Mention should also be made of European and national case law as sources of procurement law, and developments follow each other in rapid succession.

Our specialists have a thorough and ‘up to date’ knowledge in the field of procurement law and have a wide experience when it comes to rendering assistance in tendering procedures. In addition we are experienced litigators, including in interim relief proceedings, in matters involving tendering disputes. Having been active on both sides means that, together with you, we will be able to achieve the best possible results.

Contacts: Benno den Teuling, Wouter Post, Leon Burgersdijk